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Apply Below to Get Your Book Published AND Create A New High Ticket Income Stream In the Next 30-60 Days!


(Our program is a fit for coaches, speakers, authors or experts/consultants that want to use their book to promote themselves and their message and share transformational information or program to have a positive impact on others and make a difference in the world. This program is NOT a good fit for those writers looking to publish poetry, fiction, children's books.)
I have a Facebook account and am comfortable with participating in a Facebook group 
I have a laptop computer or iPad and I know how to type 
I have Microsoft Word or am willing to pay $10 month to get it
Do you have the financial means to pursue this program?
Note: Applicants who are not immediately accepted will, at Game Changer Publishing's discretion, be placed on a waiting list from which their applications will be reviewed approximately every three months. The waiting list has no definitive wait period. If you are having issues submitting your application please email info@gamechanger
DISCLAIMER: Individuals Results May Vary, The figures stated above are our personal figures. Please understand our results are not typical. we are not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors...including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT opt-in for training.

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